La Nouvelle Orléans, Cutaway view of the first Ursuline convent, (detail), 1733, Broutin
CAOM, C13A 17, f° 308
Ignace François Broutin, originally from Picardy, was a drafstman and a reformed captain. He arrived in Louisiana in 1720 as a officer of the garrison at Natchez. His architectural and engineering talents were noted, although he was never awarded the title of engineer. He was responsible for the oldest surviving French building in America, the Ursuline convent (1745).
Le Monnier, Histoire céleste, Paris, 1741.
Bibliothèque de l’Observatoire de Paris-Meudon (cl. n° 1968 A)
Ursulines, Broutin Intendance, Broutin Housing, Le Page du Pratz Company Warehouse, Pauger Fort, Devergès Project for a fort